DCT SpeedSport Karting has a precision frame table onsite for straightening OTK – Kosmic, Tony Kart, FA, & Exprit frames, as well as, other kart manufacturers. Over the course of a season, curbs, accidents, wheel drops, and just normal physical racing will cause frames to distort. And with all the components that go together to make a kart fast, one of the most important is having a straight frame. A twisted or bowed frame, even just 4 to 5mm is major, and can add .2 to .5 of a second a lap or more. Over 12 to 20 laps, the results are real and can be frustrating for a driver.

DCT offers Frame Assessments, Straightening, and Front-End Alignment Services. So, get tuned up for the first races of the year, for more information call us or email race@dctspeed.com.